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Journal of West Bengal Medical Council – Medical Glory

(ISSN – 2582-2462) publishes Original Papers, Practitioners’ Diary, Clinical Album, Review Article, GP Forum, Case Reports, in the all branches of Medicine.


Aims and Scope:

Since its inception, Medical Glory has the primary aim to assemble and diffuse scientific researches, particularly original contributions, reviews, and proceedings of meetings in every field of the Discipline. Today its extensive diffusion all over the world allows to collect high quality papers and clinical reports on many interesting studies from every country, even from developing ones. This is the target goal of the Journal – aiming at the diffusion of knowledge and advances in female genital diseases. This publication attempts to cover all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology in an interdisciplinary approach among gynecologists, epidemiologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, microbiologists, surgeons, urologists, neonatologists, geneticists, and so on. The first target goal of MEDICAL GLORY is to publish high quality papers in a timely manner. Originals and Papers, Practitioners’ Diary, Case Reports, Clinical Album, Review Articles, GP Forum and letters to the Editor are published.


Copy Right:

MEDICAL GLORY has been registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. Reproductions are not allowed without the written consent of the Publisher.


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Advertising orders and inquires may be sent to: Medical Glory. C/o West Bengal Medical Council, IB 196, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700106, Phone nos. 03365636365, 2335-5575, 2335-3078 & 2335-5663, E-mail:



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