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Constitution of Medical Glory

The journal “Medical Glory” published quarterly by the Journal Section of West Bengal State Medical Council, West Bengal ,India, first published in the year 2017.


Its structural composition has following constitutional and operational modalities:

  1. Editorial Board: Editor (honorary), selected by the elected members of the Council. He / She must have excellent scientific track records. Tenure is decided by the elected members of the council.
  2. Executive editors: Two (2), one honorary, an academician of any branch of modern Medicine, must be elected member of the Council, nominated by the elected members of the council another one selected by both elected members of the Council and members of the editorial board. He/ She must have proven track records of academician, well experienced in clinical or basic research both national and international fields with vast administrative profiles as well as previous long standing carrier as journal editing.
  3. Associate editor: One (1) Person with vast experience especially of scientific editorial (Medical) practices, selected by the members of the Council.
  4. Editorial Board: Editorial board of the journal is constituted by seventeen (members) of which five –six (5-6) are nominated by the elected members of the council. Remaining members of the editorial boards are selected from distinguished academicians of the State or Country
  5. Editorial section academically and qualitatively backed and strengthened by an International Advisory Board constituted by three (3) Internationally acclaimed scientific personalities as well as patron body, composed of five –six (5-6) members of reputed highly skilled academic personalities are incorporated with consent.
  6. The journal section is run by nine permanent office staffs, comprising of Sub Editor -1, Editorial Assistant-3, Office Assistant-1, Computer Technologist-1, Receptionist-1, and Office Dispatcher- 2. They are selected by open recruitment process by the executive officer of the Council i.e. Registrar of the Council. Salary and other allowances for these staff are born by council as per their framed rules and regulations.
  7. Mode of selection of Manuscripts: The manuscripts of the journal are being contributed by the medical academics and scientists of various medical fields. Each received manuscript is scrutinized by two reviewers in respective specialty (peer reviewed). As per editorial part, categories of the articles are classified as (1) Original Papers (2) Invited Article (3) Review Article (4) Practitioners’ Diary (5) General Practitioners’ Forum (6) Case Report and so on.
  8. Annual index: At the end of each year, Annual index of the journal is incorporated with all issues by No’s as well as volume, including, the key words, abstracts and references. Generally, attempts are made to follow the Vancouver Style in its strict conformation.
  9. Publication of issues: About 10,000 copies are being published for each issue. It is generally published in the last week of the third month of the year for each issue. Primarily, the journal is distributed free among the authors, reviewers, doctors and Medical researchers.
  10. Financial Liabilities: All expenditures incurred for publication of the journal are provided by the Council.