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Invited Article

Recombinant DNA Technology: Part II

Dr Alok Bondyopadhyay




Transcriptional profiling showed that tissue plasminogen activator modulates the expression of a set of genes commonly regulated by epidermal growth factor. This suggested that tissue plasminogen activator tPA and epidermal growth factor share common epidermal growth factor receptor signalling pathways, which creates a microenvironment in colon cancer cells that is conducive for metastasis. In order to find various signaling pathways in relation to genetic variation researchers look for mutations in a gene or induce mutations in a gene to link a gene sequence to a specific phenotype. After the discovery of all nucleotides in human genome, molecular genetics is a powerful methodology for linking mutations to genetic conditions that may aid the search for treatments/cures for various genetics disease The landscape of human genetics has changed remarkably in a relatively short space of time. The field has progressed from comparatively small studies of rare genetic diseases to vast consortia-based efforts that target the inherited components of common complex diseases and which typically involve thousands of individual samples. Genomewide association studies have become possible as a result of a new generation of genotyping platforms. Despite the success of genomewide association studies in identifying thousands of robust associations with complex diseases and traits, few examples of these results have been successfully translated into clinical use. Nevertheless, GWAS loci have been shown to increase the therapeutic validity of selected targets by two-fold compared with previous target selection .In addition, researchers attempts to evaluate bilocus combination like the Variant Combinations Pathogenicity Predictor the most relevant pathogenic combinations The work with multivariate combination provides an important step toward the genetic understanding of rare diseases, paving the way to clinical knowledge and improved patient care.


Tissue plasminogen activator, gene, Recombinant DNA technology, epidermal growth factor, clones, Escherichia coli, genome sequences, drug therapy, genomewide association studies

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 6, Issue No 1, January-March, 2022