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Practitioners’ Diary

Management of Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Dr Kishalaya, Gopal Krishna Dhali




The risks, measurements of severity, and management of severe acute pancreatitis and its complications have evolved rapidly over the past decade. Evidence suggests that initial goal directed therapy, nutritional support, and vigilance for pancreatic complications are best practice. Patients can develop pancreatic fluid collections including acute pancreatic fluid collections, pancreatic pseudocysts, acute necrotic collections, and walled-off necrosis. Several randomised controlled trials and cohort studies have recently highlighted the advantage of managing these conditions with a progressive approach, with initial draining for infection followed by less invasive techniques. Surgery is no longer an early intervention and may not be needed. Instead, interventional radiologic and endoscopic methods seem to be safer with at least as good survival outcomes. In this review we aim to discuss the current management based upon recent research.


Severe acute pancreatitis, organ failure, Revised Atlanta classification, Modified Marshall Grading, peripancreatic fluid collections, acute necrotic collection, pseudocyts, walled off necrosis

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 5, Issue No 4, October-December, 2021


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