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A Case of Pentalogy of Cantrell – A Rare Congenital Anomaly

Dr Amit Kayal, Sukumar Mitra, Mariam Khanam, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Tapan Kumar Naskar



Pentalogy of Cantrell (POC) is a very rare congenital anomaly which is characterised by the presence of 5 major malformations: Midline supra-umbilical abdominal wall defect, lower sternal defect, diaphragmatic pericardial defect, anterior diaphragmatic defect and various intracardiac malformations. Herein, one such rare case is reported, which was referred to this institute at 19 weeks 3 days of gestation. After thorough radiological investigations a diagnosis of complete variety of POC was made which is a lethal congenital anomaly. The couple were counselled regarding the poor prognosis and the pregnancy was terminated following all the procedures as per MTPAct. Termination was done using administration of oral mifepristone followed by application of vaginal misoprostol. Increasing awareness of this rare condition among the obstetricians and ultrasonologists will help them in making a diagnosis before viability and thereby an option of termination of the pregnancy if parents wish to do so.


Pentalogy of Cantrell (POC).

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 1, Issue No 1, January-March, 2017


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