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Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients Attending Diabetic Clinic

Anil Kumar Ghanta, Avik Dey Sarkar, Dr Sanjib Kumar Purkait, Payel Khatua




A study was conducted at Midnapore Medical College during a period of 36 months to see the prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. All diabetic patients attending ophthalmology outpatient department on different clinic days were included in the study irrespective of age, sex,type of diabetes,duration and control status. A total number of two thousand diabetic patients were enrolled in this study, most (41.7%) of them belonged to >50 years age group. Type 1 diabetic patients were found to have retinopathy in 234 cases out of total 404, whereas type 2 diabetic patients had retinopathy in 450 cases out of total 1596. Number of hypertensive patients (BP >140/90) in this was 434 (21.7%), among them, 188 patients had retinopathy. Out of total 2000 patients, 1592 (79.6%) had good glycaemic control with HbA1c score 7-8%. Out of 4000 eyes examined, 2912 (72.8%) had normal visual acuity of 6/6, 24 eyes (0.6%) had severe visual loss (VA <6/60), 224 eyes (5.6%) had visual acuity (VA) between 6/24 and 6/60, 840 eyes (21%) had VA between 6/9 and 6/18.The prevalence of diabetic retinopathy is higher among type 1 diabetes mellitus compared to type 2 patients.


Diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy, proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 5, Issue No 2, April-June, 2021