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Invited Article

Recombinant DNA Technology: Part I

Dr Alok Bandyopadhyay




Recombinant DNA technology is discovered at the end of the last century. Researchers learned how to develop genomic and cDNA library, which is the basis of isolating desired gene. Side by side DNA sequencing was developed to characterise the gene. With the advent of DNA technology, gene therapy, and genetic modifications are also widely used for the purpose of bioremediation and treating serious diseases. Since this technology has multidisciplinary applications and potential to deal with important aspects of life, for instance, improving health,enhancing food resources, and resistance to divergent adverse environmental effects. Particularly in agriculture, the genetically modified plants have augmented resistance to harmful agents, enhanced product yield, and shown increased adaptability for better survival. However, in recent era, this field has demonstrated unique impacts in bringing advancement in human life. By virtue of this technology, crucial proteins required for health problems and dietary purposs can be produced safely, affordably, and sufficiently.


Recombinant DNA technology, cDNA library, recombinant plasmid, cloning, gene therapy, proteins, genomics, vaccines, mutagenesis

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 5, Issue No 2, April-June, 2021