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Third Party Reproduction – Solution for Irreversible Infertility

Siddhartha Chatterjee , Dr Rajib Gon Chowdhury



Third party reproduction involves male or female gamete donation, surrogacy, or embryo donation, to promote fertility in a desiring couple who singly or together are deficient to produce their own biological child. This procedure is becoming very popular now-a-days, because couples of advancing age are seeking for pregnancy. Both male and female partners are delaying pregnancy now-a-days, due to career building or economic reasons. Sometimes, social factors like divorce or remarriage are also responsible for the same. Third party reproduction involves complex social and legal factors, for which procedures should be under scrutiny by appropriate authorities and should be guided by definite law of a country. This involves lot of psychological issues, which are to be addressed by the medical team and social support groups. The technical part of whole procedure mostly involves assisted reproductive technology, for which the performing centres should have very high standard of performance.


Third party reproduction, gamete donation, ,

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 1, Issue No 1, January-March, 2017


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