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Atmospheric Pollution and Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Sunetra Mondal , Subhankar Chowdhury




Atmospheric pollution has recently been linked to obesity, diabetes mellitus and its complications. Particulate matter pollution and nitrogen oxides are the chief air pollutants that are associated with an increased risk. Persistent organic pollutants that bio-accumulate in the food-chain and noise pollution are also involved. The pathogenesis is related to oxidative stress and a pro-inflammatory state. A recent study has suggested that the upper safe limits for many of the air pollutants should be lowered to lessen the risk for diabetes. Indoor air pollutants are also incriminated and air filters like HEPA filters can protect from particulate matter pollution. 


Pollution, diabetes mellitus, particulate matter, persistent organic pollutants, air filters

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 3, Issue No 2, October-December, 2019