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A Rare Case of Cervical Fibroid

Dr Angana De, Rathindranath Ray, Lovely Agarwal, Sandhya Das, Nilotpal Roy, Arghya Maitra, Parvin Banu




Fibroids arising from cervix are rare tumours accounting for 2% of all fibroids. A cervical fibroid is usually either interstitial or submucous in origin and arises mostly from supravaginal portion of the cervix; it expands the cervix equally in all directions and displaces uterine vessels and ureters. On laparotomy it can be recognised easily, as it fills pelvis, with uterus on top of tumour like “the Lantern on the top of St Pauls”. As it arises from deep pelvis and gets impacted, surgery poses difficulties and complications are not uncommon. Here is such a case presented with 28 weeks size cervical fibroid with the complaints of pain abdomen and increased frequency of micturition. Patient was selected for operation. Hysterectomy was necessitated. Intra-operatively there was anatomical distortion and increased vascularity and to prevent haemorrhage vasopressin was used. In spite of that patient was well managed and was discharged without any postoperative complication.


Cervical fibroid, myomectomy, vasopressin

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 3, Issue No 1, July-September, 2019


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