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Limb Salvage Surgery in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Involving Sciatic Nerve and Femoral Vessels in Thigh – A Case Report from Eastern India

Dr Ayush Keshav Singhal, Manas Mukul Mandal, Anindya Ray, Diptendra Kr Sarkar




Soft tissue sarcomas are a rare and heterogeneous group of mesenchymal tumours and are represented by only 1% of malignancy in adult population. Involvement of nerves and vessels is challenging issues and reasonable oncological outcomes have been achieved in past by limb salvage surgery. Here a case in a 33-year-old male is reported who presented with a huge swelling on the posterolateral aspect of right thigh. MRI of thigh revealed space occupying lesion at posteromedial aspect of mid and distal part of right thigh. Core biopsy revealed spindle cell neoplasm. The mass was successfully resected sparing the nerve and vascular components of the thigh. Limb salvage surgery is the new horizon forward. Amputation was avoided and all efforts to limb salvage done so that it doesn’t impact the oncological and functional outcomes.


Soft tissue sarcoma, limb salvage, spindle cell neoplasm

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 6, Issue No 2, April-June, 2022


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