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Alteration of Pro-inflammatory Endometrial Cytokines by Latent Genital Tuberculosis Indicating Localised Tuberculous Bacillary Infection

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 6, Issue No 1, January-March, 2022

Author: Abira Datta, Subhankar Chowdhury, Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee, Amit Bhattacharya, Arabinda Das

Keyword: Latent genital tuberculosis, endometrium, DNA-PCR, aspiration, cytokine, TH-1sub type, TH-2 subtype


Technology-driven Antenatal Care May Be a Way-out for Improving Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in a Vast Country like India

Journal: Medical Glory Vol 5, Issue No 1, January-March, 2021

Author: Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee, Arpan Chatterjee, Rajib Gon Chowdhury

Keyword: Antenatal care, pregnancy, medical complications, breastfeeding, neonatal care, technology-driven