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About Us

The journal “Medical Glory” is a Research based journal of Modern Medicine which is published by West Bengal Medical Council, IB- Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700106, INDIA ; Tel- +9133 2335 7674. West Bengal, India, covering research based Biomedical and scientific articles of all disciplines of Medicine, first published on January 2017 and distributed among both the medical fraternity and health care scientists throughout India.

          The manuscripts of the journal are being contributed by the medical academics and scientists of various medical fields. About 10,000 copies are being published for each issue. It is generally published in the last week of the third month of the year for each issue. Primarily, the journal is distributed free among the authors, reviewers, doctors and Medical researchers. The price of single copy for institution is US$100 (overseas), Rs.200.00 (India), for individuals US$ 50 (overseas), Rs.100.00 (India). Annual subscription for institutions is US$400 (overseas), Rs.800.00 (Inland), US$200 (overseas), Rs.400.00 (inland) for individuals. After receiving manuscript, articles are scrutinized by two reviewers in respective specialty. As per editorial part, categories of the articles are classified as (1) Original Papers  (2) Invited Article (3) Review Article (4) Practitioners’ Diary (5) General Practitioners’ Forum (6) Case Report and so on. At the end of each year, Annual index of the journal is incorporated with all issues by No’s as well as volume, including, the key words, abstracts and references. Generally, attempts are made to follow the Vancouver Style in its strict conformation. The journal is guided by elected Editorial Board, Comprising Editors, Executive Editors, Patrons, International Advisory Board, and also mentioning details about names of Office bearers along with Staff Patterns. The Office is situated at 1st floor of the building, covering 4000 sq. ft. which is Fully air conditioned; separated rooms are provided for Editor, Executive Editor & Associate Editor including office space in a big hall with accommodation of nine office staffs, comprising of Sub Editor 1, Editorial Assistant 3, Office Assistant 1, Computer Technologist 1, Receptionist 1, Office Dispatcher 2.


Aims and Scope:

Since its inception, “Medical Glory” has the primary aim to assemble and diffuse scientific researches, particularly original contributions, reviews, and proceedings of meetings in every fields of the Discipline. Today, due to the extensive advances of knowledge in the various medical fields, all over the world, allows to collect high quality manuscripts and case studies from both inside and outside countries. The editorial boards,  with utmost care,  attempt to cover all aspects in an interdisciplinary approach among Epidemiology, Pathology, Oncology, Radiology, Microbiology, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Urology, Neonatology, Genetics, ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Molecular Biology, Forensic Medicine, Chest Diseases, Dermatology Transplant Medicine etc. The prime goal of “MEDICAL GLORY” is to publish high quality research entities in a timely manner.



Although every effort is made by the Editorial staff and the publisher to eliminate misleading or inaccurate information, the Publisher accepts no responsibility for the consequences of erroneous or incorrect information. The Authors are also alerted that the Editor and Publisher have no responsibility and are indemnified against any liability or claim that may result from the publication of misleading or incorrect data.

          Claims for missing issues can be available within six months of publication. Changes of address: six weeks are required for this. In this context, all communications should include both former and new addresses (with postal codes) better if accompanied by a mailing label from a recent issue and should be sent to the Editorial Office by e-mail Claims should be made within six months from the publication date of the issue (Volume and Number). Duplicate copies will not be sent to replace, those undelivered due to failure to notify a change of address by the incumbent. Single copies of back issues, and volume information, are available for the Editorial office by e-mail, In all legal matters, Calcutta High Court is competent authority to deal with.